The e700 Smart POS

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The PAX e700 Smart POS system with PayAnywhere Software is designed to help make your business sales easy by displaying photos of products and selecting them on-screen. With a large display 12.5 inch IPS touchscreen for POS management and another display screen in front for clients.

The PAX e700 Smart POS is ideal for retail stores, restaurants,  convenience stores, meat markets, jewelry stores, hardware stores, or any business that can benefit from viewing images of inventory at the checkout counter.

By using PayAnywhere you get stress free use of POS (Point Of Sale) business management technology. You also get features like inventory control, sales reports, employee management scheduling, customer billing and more. Save money without buying a $15,000 POS system when you get Pay Anywhere with the a920 and processing service.

Just $44.95 per month to unlock PayAnywhere’s management software when you open a merchant account with us.

PAX e700 Smart POS & Zero Processing Fees

Prefer to avoid paying credit card processing fees? Yes, that’s right, no merchant account processing fees. You can save even more money, make more profit, by choosing EDGE and pay $0 processing fees and again, no monthly merchant account fees by passing on those processing fees to customers. Learn more about EDGE.

With PayAnywhere you and your sales staff will love how easy it is to perform sales and review inventory.

However, if you prefer to pay for each customer’s processing fees, our merchant rates average just 1.89% for most business merchant accounts. Contact me to see what I can do to help save you money on processing fees today.

Includes an internal built-in thermal printer for 2 inch printed receipts.

Additional Specs: PCI PTS 5.x I CE I FCC I IC I UL I RoHs I EMV L1 & L2 I Visa PayWave | MasterCard Contactless I MasterCard TQM I Amex ExpressPay | lnterac Flash L2 I Discover D-PAS I CSEC I APCA I ABECS