Merchant Accounts For All Kinds Of Business

We provide merchant accounts for almost every business need.

  • Low to Medium Risk Merchant Accounts – Such as retail / restaurant, service based businesses, most product based sales and hospitality.
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts – Pharmacy, Cannibus CBD, Adult Oriented, Collection Agency, MLM.
  • E-Commerce Merchant Accounts
  • High Volume Merchant Accounts

In fact, while many small business owners have experienced issues with credit card processors, we help you get setup and approved correctly. With over 15 years of experience we know what must be done to avoid common account problems.

To begin, click on the button to reach the pre-application form.


You will not be asked to provide any documents at this time while filling out the form. After reviewing the information we will let you know which documents, if any, to send us by email. Most of the time we do not need anything extra.

Next, once all the application details are filled in, with our help, you will receive an email with the final application for your E-Signature. We, of course, will go over the application with you.

REQUIREMENTS & DOCUMENTS: (These may not all be needed)
Below are the basic requirements needed to establish a merchant account in the United States. Please be prepared to provide document copies later. Tax documents and IDs are required by law when establishing any bank related business account.

  • A legally established U.S. based business (Anywhere from 1 day in business or more)
  • A physical address is required to be provided for the business (This includes businesses run from home)
  • A mailing address for the business (P.O. Boxes are acceptable as long as it is submitted along with the physical address information.) PO Boxes alone are not acceptable.
  • Business Phone Number
  • Owner’s Name
  • Email Address
  • Social Security Number & Federal Tax ID Number (EIN: Employer ID Number)
  • U.S. Bank Account with U.S. Mailing Address
  • Copy of Pre-Printed Check (Voided) No temporary checks
    Optionally: Bank Letterhead from bank representative providing bank account routing number and account number
  • Copy of Valid/Current Drivers License or ID
  • Copy of State Sales Tax Permit or Resellers Permit
  • For Corporations: Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • 3 to 6 Most Recent Business Bank Statements (All Pages)
  • EBT account number and letter for EBT card acceptance

High Ticket and High Volume businesses will likely need to provide tax records and bank statements.

Your financial success and safety are extremely important to us. So, please be prepared to provide some of these documents if asked.