Payanywhere Pax a77 Smart Terminal Mini

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With the PAX a77 Smart Terminal Mini touchscreen terminal and Payanywhere Software your customers can pay from any spot in your store or on the go. Uses WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot from a device or optionally to get 4G wireless service and have more mobile freedom. No internal printer. 4G service available for an extra cost per month and usage (see additional details below). However, if you prefer a small sized terminal that will fit easily on a sales counter, then consider the PAX a80 and it does include an internal printer.

The PAX a77 credit card reader is ideal for offices, hvac repair services, outdoor events, food trucks, mobile mechanics, plumbers, electricians, tow truck companies, beauty salon stylists, handyman services or any businesses that need to accept mobile payments.

This hand-held sized machine has a 5.5″ (720 x 1440 pixel) display touch screen and Payanywhere POS software management. 


With Payanywhere POS software you can control sales reports, inventory, employees, generate invoices and more. PayAnywhere service is just $14.95 per month and card processing fees for most businesses start at 1.69% + $0.25.

Or would you prefer to avoid paying credit card processing fees? Save even more money by choosing EDGE and pay $0 credit card processing fees and no monthly merchant account fees by passing on those fees to customers.

However, if you prefer to pay for your customer’s credit card processing fees, our merchant rates are very competitive. Contact me to see what I can do to help save you money on processing fees today.

PAX a77 Smart Terminal Mini Features

It includes a 2 Megapixel auto zoom camera and an optional Laser scanner can be attached.

Built in magnetic credit card reader, Smart Card Reader and Contactless card reader. 3000 mAh battery. Recharging is performed with USB port and electric ac cable / Android charging port. Optional communication, recharge and printer docking station available.

Performs contactless, smart card and mag stripe reader swipes. Microphone/Receiver | 1 x USB Type-C, 2 POGO pins | 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack.


The a77 credit card reader does NOT include an internal printer. (Docking station includes a printer) Or you can purchase a wifi printer.

Most users connect to the service by Wifi or Bluetooth.

You can get an a77 Free terminal when you setup a Merchant Account with us and pay $14.95 per month for Payanywhere software, plus merchant account fees. Or…

As mentioned before, you can ask for EDGE cash discount merchant service with Payanywhere and PAY ZERO that is $0 in merchant account fees and $0 credit card processing fees. Your only fee is $14.95. With EDGE clients are charged a fee of 4% of the sales amount and fees are deducted from that charge. Therefore your customers fee pays for the processing. This allows you to keep 100% profit and pass on the transaction fees.

*Initial setup and programming fee $0.

What makes the a77 mini credit card machine valuable to many people is it’s small hand held size and portability. It’s the same size of a cell phone.  You can walk around a store with it tucked in a pocket or it’s own holder connected to your belt.

More importantly, because it has the Payanywhere app, it’s easy to switch to POS mode and review all of your business management features like inventory control, invoice billing, employee schedules and more. So, just like a $25,000 POS system images of products can be seen on the screen and quantities can be easily reviewed.

4G Sim Card Details: If you activate the Simcard, expect to pay $9.95/month for up to 225 MB & each additional 225 MB at $9.95, plus $0.10 cents per transaction. Otherwise, you can use this terminal with your wireless or Bluetooth service.

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