EOL – LinkPoint 9100

(End of Life Equipment) Notice: This terminal is no longer supported. We recommend any of the PAX credit card terminals.

LinkPoint 9100 – The industries most advanced wireless credit card terminal. Connects via satellite, whether your are in a building or underground. This is the upgrade from the LinkPoint 9000.

Featuring both a wireless and dial-up modem, the LinkPoint 9100 is a full-featured, mobile handheld terminal for point-of-sale card transactions. With speedy printing capabilities (eight lines per second) and rapid paper changes, the LinkPoint 9100 supports a wide range of transactions.

The LinkPoint 9100 features a high-capacity four-cell battery with a unique cartridge design and a quick-release door mechanism for fast and easy battery changes. With both a magnetic stripe card reader and an optional smart-card reader, this terminal is ideal for mobile retail merchants who need flexible payment methods to maintain and develop their customer base in today’s competitive market.

The LinkPoint 9100 supports up to four SAM smart-card modules, as well as a full-sized customer smart card. It has a secure PIN pad that supports debit card transactions. This small, all-in-one terminal eliminates the need for a separate printer, so it’s ideal as a desktop point-of-sale unit where space considerations are at a premium.

Handheld, integrated terminal Easy to carry, convenient for the merchant and the customer, not restricted to desk or vehicle.

Flexibility Wireless or telephone-line connectivity gives mobile merchants the flexibility to accept many forms of payment, anywhere, anytime.


No more fumbling with imprinters, and the customer quickly receives a fresh printout

Secure design.

Enables merchants to accept ATM/debit card transactions.

Built-in printer

Features a printer with a built-in paper-roll holder, which provides a quick copy of the transaction for both the merchant and the customer.

Backlit LCD with full graphics capability and scalable fonts.

Provides an easy-to-read display in a range of lighting conditions, and also supports non-English fonts

Customer smart-card readers

Enables card-to-card transactions
Up to four SAM modules

Enables the merchant to support a wide range of payment methods: debit, credit, charge cards, stored value, as well as loyalty programs

RS-232 interface

Able to connect to peripherals, such as bar-code readers, check readers, etc.