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What Is The Pay Anywhere App?

The Payanywhere app (app is short for application) allows PAX equipment to give you access to your merchant account Payments Hub POS software system. When you look at the display screen on the equipment, the pos system you see is showing you payments hub. Does that make sense now? This is what it looks like on a cell phone screen.

By the way, be sure to take a look at the VIDEO below.

It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Another way of saying this is, by using your pax equipment or online, you can control inventory, create product buttons for selling, manage employees, generate sales reports and more. 

All you need to do is switch between screens to accept credit cards or access the POS system.

Are you ready? Follow the steps to start.

Step # 1. Open either a regular Merchant Account (Where you pay the processing and monthly fees, plus PCI compliance costs.) Or choose the EDGE Cash Discount Program and pay zero merchant account processing fees and zero PCI compliance fees.

Step # 2. Let us know which terminal you want to choose from the list of Pay anywhere credit card readers. ( We will send you the equipment for free. One initial free terminal)

Next, pay the monthly pay anywhere pos software service. Monthly service fees range from $9.95 to $39.95 depending on the equipment.

Monthly Pay anywhere Fees Per Model

Merchant Account Prices & Fees
A standard face to face (Retail) merchant account has a transaction Rate of 0.189 for face-to-face sales or 2.49% for keyed-in transactions. Plus an Authorization charge of $0.25.

Additional Network Access fees and bank charges usually apply and are based on the card type and transaction details. There are also PCI compliance fees required that must be paid monthly or annually.

To AVOID paying merchant account fees and PCI fees you might consider using the EDGE Cash Discount Program to offset these costs.

CLICK HERE to see the EDGE PROGRAM details.


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