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Payanywhere is the all-in-one payments platform that empowers you and the Payanywhere equipment.

The Payanywhere app allows your Payanywhere credit card equipment to give you access to your merchant account, plus all the POS features to help you run your business. For example, take a look below a the list of all the current capabilities this software provides you. It will help make running your business easier, faster and less stressful.

It’s all in one place and combined within one app, accessible through the device or online, saving you time and thousands in extra software costs. 


  • Invoices. Send one time or recurring invoices.
  • Manage Employees
  • Virtual Terminal for payment processing
  • Reporting –  Sales Reports and more
  • Funding
  • Reputation Management – For example replying to Google reviews
  • Tap to Pay on iPhone. Accept contactless payments with an iPhone
  • Inventory Management – We can upload your entire inventory for you
  • Restaurant Menu – We can upload and create your menu for you

Watch the following video below to learn what Payanywhere and can do for you. 

To put it simply, by using your PAX (Payanywhere) equipment or online, you can control inventory, create product buttons for selling, manage employees, generate sales reports, reply to reviews and more. You can also access it online from any computer.

All you need to do is switch between screens on a device to accept credit cards or access the POS system.

Are you ready to get your hands on the equipment and software? Click the link below and we will contact you shortly to answer any questions.

How Much Does It Cost To Accept Credit Cards & Get This Equipment With Payanywhere App?

You have two options these days.
Option # 1
. Open a regular Merchant Account (Where you pay the processing and monthly fees, plus PCI compliance costs, etc, etc…) Overall, expect to pay about $36 to $75 per month depending on the equipment you order, not including the processing fees. The equipment you choose will be provide to you as a FREE placement (meaning you get to use it for free so long as we handle your processing service). It will have a warranty by the way. 

Or choose Option #2. Choose the EDGE Cash Discount Program and pay zero credit card processing fees and zero monthly PCI compliance fees.

Instead, your customers will pay a fee of 4% of the sale amount for non-cash purchases. You will only pay, based on the terminal you pick, $14.95 to $44.95* per month for PayAnywhere. This again depends on the type of credit card machine you order. 

Let us know which terminal you want to from the list of Pay anywhere credit card readers and we will explain the details and fees. ( We will provide you with a FREE placement terminal.) If you want more, simply pay for each additional unit.

Equipment & Payanywhere App Monthly Software Fees Per Device

  • PAX a77   – $14.95 – Includes PayAnywhere 
  • PAX a920 – $14.95 – Includes PayAnywhere
  • PAX e600 – $24.95 – Includes PayAnywhere
  • PAX e700 – $44.95 – Includes PayAnywhere

+ Merchant Account Prices & Fees
A standard face to face (Retail) merchant account has a transaction Rate of 1.69% for face-to-face sales or 2.49% for keyed-in transactions. Plus an Authorization charge of $0.25. (Not EDGE)

Additional Network Access fees and bank charges usually apply and are based on the card type and transaction details. There are also PCI compliance fees required that must be paid monthly or annually. In additional merchants that accept credit cards pay an annual regulatory fee. These fees are often built in or paid separately.

To AVOID paying merchant account fees and PCI fees then consider using the EDGE Cash Discount Program to offset these costs and pay $0 for processing fees.


Have any questions? I’m here to help. Weekends, after hours. Contact me and I’ll help answer your questions. (956) 513-7711