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PAX a60 Mini & Pay Anywhere

*Attention: The Pax a60 has been replaced with the eSmart Mini. Please click the link to see the details.

With the PAX a60 Mini touchscreen credit card terminal and Payanywhere Software your customers can pay from any spot in your store or on the go. Use WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot or 4G to get more freedom. No internal printer. 4G service available for an extra cost per month and usage (see additional details below).

It’s ideal for restaurants or businesses that need to accept table side or mobile payments. This hand-held sized machine has a 1280 x 720 pixel display touch screen with signature capture and Payanywhere POS software management.

With Payanywhere POS you can control sales reports, inventory, employees, generate invoices and more. 

PAX a60 Features & Abilities

It includes a 5 Megapixel auto zoom camera with an LED flashlight and reads 1D and 2D bar codes.

Built in magnetic card reader, Smart Card Reader and Contactless card reader. 3.6 volt rechargable li-ion battery. Recharging is performed with USB port and electric ac cable. Optional communication, recharge and printer docking station available.

LED light indicators for power, contactless, and smart card reader. Plus it has a 1x speaker and all necessary certifications.

This small terminal does NOT include an internal printer. (Docking station includes a printer) Or you can purchase a wifi printer.

Most users connect to the service by wifi or bluetooth. Get an a60 Free Placement when you setup a Merchant Account with us. Pay $14.95 per month for Payanywhere, plus the merchant account fees.

Or you can ask instead for EDGE cash discount merchant service with Payanywhere and pay $0 merchant account fees and $0 processing fees. With EDGE your clients are charged a fee of 4% of the sales amount. This allows you to keep 100% profit.

*An initial setup and programming fee $95.

Why Business Owners Like PAX a60

What makes the a60 credit card machine valuable to many people is it’s small hand held size and portability. You can walk around a store with it tucked in a pocket or it’s own holder connected to your belt.

More importantly, because it has the Payanywhere app, it’s easy to switch to POS mode and review all of your business management features like inventory control. So, just like a $25,000 POS system images of products can be seen on the screen and quantities can be easily reviewed.

4G Sim Card Details: If you activate the Simcard, expect to pay $9.95/month for up to 225 MB & each additional 225 MB at $9.95, plus $0.10 cents per transaction. Otherwise, you can use this terminal with your wireless or Bluetooth service.

In the past small business owners needed to buy expensive POS systems and then even more expense countertop computer systems to install the pos software. Now, with the combined technology of PAX credit card machines, Payanywhere app and Payments hub, all these tools are rolled into a single device and quickly accessible in your hand and also online.

There is a lot of technology and software running this credit card terminal. However, operating the features is dummy proof. It’s as simple as using a cellphone.

Customers may not compliment this tool. But, you will be able to work with a lot less stress by using this device.

By having an easier time making sales and controlling inventory, this will leave you with more time to invest in promoting your business, building new customer relationships and increasing profit.

If you prefer have a printer within this size of terminal, take a look at the PAX a920 which includes an internal thermal printer.

Additional Specs: PTS 5.x, SRED I EMV L1 & L2 | EMV Contactless L1 | Discover D-PAS | Mastercard Contactless | Visa payWave | American ExpressPay | Mastercard TQM | Interac_Flash_L2 | J/Speedy L2 | FCC | RoHs | IC Payanywhere Smart Terminal Mini Specifications | PAX A60