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Internet Based POS & Cloud Based POS Systems

Save thousands by using an Internet based POS. A traditional pos system costs $1500 on average per terminal and they often cost more in annual support fees plus upgrades. Instead a web based or cloud based pos system can save you more money. Here is a list of alternative solutions.  Contact me to discuss the right solution for your business.956.887.0090






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The big advantage to using Relypos is avoiding expensive startup costs. An additional benefit is paying on a monthly basis without a contract. This web based pos system is a great fit for small businesses that need the reporting features of a point of sale system. The system doesn’t include recipe and inventory management options. However, it’s a great pos system for a business owner that needs a simple to understand and learn business software.  

pos lavu

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3 terminals

POS Lavu is a good pos system for a small business. However, this pos system is positioning it’s prices at the same level as companies like Aloha, DigitalDining, FuturePOS, Maitre’D and 2touchpos. At these prices the other companies are able to deliver a greater value. While POS Lavu does offer a mobile web based pos solution, Relypos can deliver an equally good service for much less money.

Benefits Of A Web Based POS System:

  • As low as 1.69% + .25 per transaction, versus 2.75% using Square
  • Low up front start cost for as-little-as $68 versus $5,000.00
  • Use an Ipad or Touchscreen instead of investing in a POS Terminal
  • No contract requirements
  • Free software upgrades

Contact me to discuss the best solution for your business.956.887.0090