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Culinary Software Services provides restaurant and foodservice ChefTec Software to chefs, owners, operators, restaurants and other foodservice professionals in the foodservice industry. ChefTec is a critical key to back of house kitchen inventory and recipe management success.

ChefTec and CorTec serve a vast cross section of the foodservice industry including restaurants, hotels, caterers, motels, educators and others. ChefTec is truly a leader in Recipe & Menu CostingInventory Control, PurchasingOrdering, and Nutritional Analysis software. In addition, we have a broad range of computer software programs to suit the needs of chefs, restaurants and other foodservice establishments.

Please take a look at our PDF for a brief explanation of ChefTec Ultra software and how it can help you in your operation. 

As operators, you are under more pressure than ever to function efficiently and smoothly. Designed to provide even more control, ChefTec Ultra comes to the rescue.

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