Merchant Account

Merchant Accounts

Do you have a physical business location? Open a merchant account to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express for your business or website. I can help you open a brand new account or try to lower your current merchant account rates.

How is the service I provide different from those other credit card processing companies? The difference between the merchant account I recommend versus others is based on quality and experience. I work with more than one merchant service company and will only recommend the one that best fits your business. Why? Because, different companies have better pricing and service based on what they specialize in. So, knowing which company has better rates and service is one of my secrets. With over 12 years of experience my clients save more money. 

For Example:

#1 – Choosing the right credit card machine or POS system makes a big impact on your merchant account transaction fees. The equipment you choose can add additional costs that can be avoided, if you have the right advice. Already have credit card equipment? No problem. Let’s work with what you have. However, if I can help you save more money per transaction I’ll advise you and let you decide.

#2 – Different credit card processing companies have different per transaction fees, and it’s possible to avoid those fees, if the agent you work with gives you those price breaks… even when using the same parent company. I share all possible price breaks with all of my clients. After all, the better price I give you the longer you will stick with around, right?

#3 – Most merchant account representatives claim credit card machine programming is a complex process. I, on the other hand, show my clients how to program a credit card machine within 10 minutes, without charging up to $300 extra for programming. When it comes to adding a merchant account to a POS system, yes, it can be a little more complex based on the software you choose. However, I always give my clients a fair wholesale price or show how to program a credit card machine for free.

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Is A Merchant Account Right For Your Business?

Truthfully, not everyone benefits from accepting credit cards. It depends on how much sales volume you presently have or expect. If your store sales volume is below $5,000 per month, it might not be a good idea to get a merchant account just yet. Businesses that immediately benefit, even when brand new, are Restaurants with Bars or hospitality companies. Professional offices such as Lawyers, Bail-Bonds, Doctors, Hospitals, Veterinarian Clinics and Pharmacies are excellent users too. Less and less people carry large amounts of cash today than in years past. 

If you operate any of the above types of business contact me. (956) 887-0090 Central Time.

What Other Merchant Account Options Exist?

If your business has very few sales, but large sale amounts, consider opening a virtual terminal and MOTO merchant account to process credit cards through a laptop, pad or cellphone. My company can provide you with a virtual credit card machine that lets you to personally enter customer credit card information or swipe a credit cards, and even print out receipts.

A virtual terminal is perfect for low volume sales, yet higher average tickets. Companies that are good candidates are residential or commercial construction and remodeling companies, tile, floor, tape and float, air conditioning/heating hvac, electricians, landscaping, water well drilling, diesel and aircraft mechanics, fence and deck builders…pretty much any business that does very few sales but has a pretty high sale amount.

If you sell online you will need an Internet merchant account and an Internet gateway. Once this is open hand the merchant account key information to your web designer and they will know how to connect this information to your shopping cart and begin creating payment buttons. Still, I do recommend that your average sales volume should be projected at $3,000 per month minimum.


What You Need To Open A Merchant Account In The U.S.

At minimum, to open a merchant account you need a U.S. physical address, U.S. checking account, contact phone number, social security number and sometimes supporting financial information if your average per sale amount is unusually high, in the $5,000 to $20,000 rage. Financial documents are usually not necessary if you have a regular business with a ticket price up to $1500 per sale. The turn-around time to get a merchant account is around 24 hours.

How Much A Merchant Account Costs

The reason for getting a merchant account is to help you get customers to pay for products and services. Since less people carry cash it’s almost required to have a credit card terminal or POS point of sale system with the ability to swipe credit and debit cards. The minimum monthly cost to have a merchant account is around $19 minimum per month. In addition to this fee the more credit cards and debit bank cards you accept the higher the total fees you will pay.

A merchant account and all fees are 100% tax deductible. However, paying the least amount in fees will create bigger profits and cash in your bank. This is where I can help. I’ll show you the most affordable rates available for your type of business, including how to avoid some credit card processing fees completely. For help in getting setup to accept credit cards give me a call.  

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