Omni 3730 LE Review: 

Why I love this little credit card machine.

When recommending new credit card terminals, my biggest pet peeve is suggesting machines that are a pain to program or later end up breaking down. So, luckily, I’ve been able to stay in this business for 10 years to discover what’s good and what is junk. This machine takes about 10 minutes to set up and is, by far, the best machine.

Last year the Omni 3730le was my fourth best seller. This year it’s my second. The first reason is because it is of high quality and is less expensive than other machines that do less. 

Why is the Omni 3730le machine so great? Because the machine is small, compact, light weight, fast. Plus, the terminal comes with a built in thermal printer, not to forget the built in debit pin pad feature. This extra feature is worth $200 more if you were to buy it separately. The Omni 3730le is worth more than it’s sticker price – even refurbished.

This means you don’t have to buy a separate $200 pin pad just to accept debit cards. In addition, the awesome 3730LE thermal printer eliminates you having to pay for ink cartridges. 

Oh, did I mention the price? Business owners love the under $200 price tag they can own it for. This is of course the wholesale price, with the same 12 month guarantee as any other machine. 

If you want to compare machine features or price, the Omni 3730LE is better than the Hypercom T7P or Linkpoint AIO; in fact even the 3200 doesn’t come close. Plus, most of the other terminals are more expensive. 

If you need an inexpensive and highly valuable / long lasting machine that will be dependable in the years ahead, get the Verifone 3730LE. You will thank me. Call me to get a merchant account while your buying a credit card machine too.

verifone vx510le

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Getting a credit card machine just became a lot easier and cheaper.