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It’s the Eclipse Quartet Otherwise known as the Telecheck Machine or check scanning machine.

Buy It: Just $199 (includes 12 month warranty)

Business owners usually refer to the Telecheck machine as, “That check machine Walmart uses.”

In other words, they remember it as the check scanner that can verify a check in seconds and then deposit that money into a bank account automatically.

The Telecheck machine allows you to scan checks to verify whether a check writer has a bad check writing history. Plus, it will convert checks from paper to cash, then deposit that money into your bank account. 

Honestly, bad check writers HATE the Telecheck Machine. Business owners love it, because it stops most people from trying to write a hot check a second time.

Yet, here is what I love. My bank competitors sell it for anywhere between $600 to $1200. I choose to sell it at wholesale and I do NOT charge you for programming it either. The signup process is a one page form to get the Telecheck Service.

How To Program A Telecheck Machine

To activate the Telecheck Eclipse Machine, I just need to program it for you with two services, which takes about 15 minutes. Check processing from Telecheck Services for check verification and then credit card processing.


As far as merchant account rates or check processing rates and fees, I don’t give out rates over the Internet. I do this so my competitors won’t know how good my rates are. So, you’ll need to call me.


However, if you want to avoid getting ripped off by bad check writers, this is the machine you need to scan checks on the spot and get that money deposited into your bank account electronically. 


The next thing you need to do, if you want this machine is call me. Below is some other corporate generated info that isn’t really worth reading unless you like that kind of stuff. Instead, give me a call and I’ll tell you what you really need to know about.


Now, here is why you should do business with me. I’ve been in this business for over 10 years and so there isn’t a problem I haven’t been able to solve yet. Which is why when I setup an account, I rarely have to deal with problems.


Knowing how to setup an account properly properly is important because money can get held back, simply because the Agent didn’t provide the right information the first time…which can then lead to you having your account placed on hold. More importantly, it doesn’t really (usually) matter who is #1 in this industry. One of the most important factors is finding an Agent like me, who is “willing” to give you a good deal on rates and won’t mess with your rates behind your back.


Get a 12 month guarantee on the Telecheck Eclipse machine. All you are responsible for is the shipping costs. That alone is worth $15 a month as compared to paying a corporation for a a warranty plan. 


In addition, though my Telecheck Eclipse page or my entire site isn’t as flashy as the corporate sites, I deliver the same Fortune 500 global credit card processing service you’ll receive from the “other” sites.  The only difference is, when you call my toll-free number, you will reach me instead of some part-time high school kid. Credit card machines with Telecheck. Aka Eclipse credit card machine.


Bottom line, if your financial information and business income is important to you, do business with me and I’ll protect your business while we establish a merchant account for your business.  It doesn’t really matter that your 500 miles away. Credit card processing or check processing with the Eclipse machine is done by computers and the nationwide banking network. That’s why I have client’s all over the U.S.A. who are able to save money while accepting credit cards.


Call today if you are needing a Telecheck Machine or need a little more information. 


888-604-3443 Ralph Prado

telecheck eclipse

If you want the latest similar terminal. Ask me about the FD200. It’s $395 and it includes an Internet Port aside from the standard telephone line port. Plus it has a thermal printer for receipt printing. It still uses an ink cartridge as well, but only for printing on checks. So, that feature will allow you to save money on inkjet costs.

Call me for check processing rates and fees to get Telecheck Service. If you have a question, feel free to ask your questions about the Telecheck machine.