Hypercom T4220

Hypercom T4220 or Optimum T4220 aka Equinox T4220

You can call it the Hypercom t4220, Optimum T4220 or Equinox T4220. Either way, it’s same credit card machine made by Verifone. Just be sure to ask for the 359R. The 359R comes with SC EMV and Dual. It will accept smart cards, European cards and is a dual comm. So, it can be connected to an Internet cable which I recommend instead of a dial tone telephone line.

The Hypercom T4220 from Verifone is designed for merchants demanding unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds combined with rock-solid security. This robust payment system comes standard with integrated PCI PTS-approved PIN entry capability and the piece of mind that comes with our proprietary Equinox Secure Architecture™ that provides unparalleled security for your transactions.

Hypecom T4220 Specs

The Hypercom T4220 includes 24MB of total memory, a powerful ARM9 processor for fast transactions, the ability to support multiple applications and a proprietary IP diagnostics application that clearly communicates when an error has occurred and—more importantly—how to fi x it!

Competitive Advantages:

Like the entire T4200 family, the Hypercom t4220 payment terminal offers a number of innovative features to help “future proof” your investment:

Hypercom T4220 Advanced Security

  • PCI-PTS approved
  • Equinox Secure Architecture™ provides high-powered protection against any unauthorized loading of applications
  • Fully compatible with all standard point-to-point encryption schemas
  • Superior Application Architecture
  • Remote terminal management suite
  • Remote Key Injection
  • Safe, secure and fully certified solution for remotely loading symmetric keys

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hypercom t4220 optimum 4220Hypercom T4220

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