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Credit Card Processing Service

Credit card processing companies online are a dime a dozen. As I’ve said before, as soon as you start a business, count on receiving an overwhelming number of offers asking for your merchant account business. I won’t even bother to explain who’s been in this business for a while and what might be the best offer. All I can tell you is, there isn’t an offer I’ve ever come across that I couldn’t beat. Here are a few types of accounts I can help you with.

Credit Card Processing Merchant Accounts:

Online Credit Card Processing

Recurring Payments

Wireless Processing

Swiped Face to Face Sales

Phone Order Sales

POS Systems

Now, whether I want to beat an offer is a different story. If you are currently looking for a merchant account for your small business, yes, I do set up companies with the ability to accept credit cards. That’s the business I’m in and I do service companies all over the United States. Location is not a problem. All credit card processing today is handled by multiple bank networks that span all over the country, via telephone or online. My clients are in all 50 states by the way.

What you will benefit from is my ability to arrange for proper pricing – meaning you will will pay less. If you have any doubts, you can always test out my skills by sending me your most recent processing statement.

Now, how credit card processing service is set up is pretty simple. You provide your business information, there’s a form you fill out and give back to me. Depending on the time of day, an account will be approved for you in about 30 minutes to an hour. Setting up a merchant account is pretty quick.

Credit Card Processing Merchant Account Rates

I wish that I could wave a magic wand and tell you that fees are the same for everyone. However, they are not the same. Standard fees for anyone who calls me is:

1.68% + .30 per transaction with a monthly minimum of $25 a month in processing fees. Yet, depending upon if you have a past history of processing credit cards or if you are accepting payments over the telephone, your fees might be more or less. 

Your very best step is to give me a call and fax me a copy of your last statement. You’ll be glad you did. And as I’ve written on another article, If you’re shopping like you do for a hamburger, you will be missing out. So instead, call me up and pick my brain. That’s what I’m here for. 

If you need help saving more money while accepting credit cards, give me a call.  To learn more about how to buy a credit card machines or open a credit card processing account contact me at . 

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