What Is The Best Credit Card Machine?

The Best Credit Card Machines

Shopping for a credit card terminal? Let me show you the best credit card machines. Today, in 2013, the best credit card machine should include the features needed for tomorrow and the next 3 years.

The features I recommend for the best credit card machine include acronyms like EMV, SC and Dual Comm. If you need mobile credit card processing, aka wireless credit card machine, then I would also advise you to use GPRS in addition to pinpad encryption. Let me explain.

What is EMV? EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA. It’s the credit card industry system that allows terminals and smart chip/smart cards to transmit payment transactions. United States credit card companies and associated banks are getting the entire industry ready for these types of cards. The benefits are higher security and payment safety.

What is SC? SC stands for smart chip or smart card capable. Currently popular in Europe and coming to the USA are smart chips and smart cards. In the near future you will be able to use one smart card or chip in your cellphone that stores different credit card numbers and bank account information. The chips are designed with security that makes each transaction secure and protects financial information.

Next, what is dual comm? Dual comm stands for dual communication. It’s a credit card feature that includes both an ip internet port for online transactions and a dial tone port for an analog telephone line.

If you will be using a mobile credit card machine it’s good to know what is GPRS. GPRS stands for general packet radio service and it is currently the communication platform for transmitting data used in wireless credit card machines. Now, let me get even more specific and tell you which credit card machines to buy.

The Best Credit Card Machines I Recommend

Among the top credit card machines in entire industry are:


DEJAVOO-V8 – Includes Dual Comm and EMV. The V stands for Vega. 24MB and 64MB ram options. 64 has a back lit keypad for dark environments. Offers multi-tip lines, multi-merchant accounts, on-board help.

Our price: $195*

DEJAVOO-V8 Plus – Includes the above and a contactless RFID reader.

Our price: $245* 

DEJAVOO-V9 – Wireless GPRS, EMV. This is a mobile credit card processing machine. 

Our price: $325*


Equinox T4220-359R – Dual Comm, EMV, SC 

Our price: $212*

Equinox M4230-007R – Wireless GPRS, EMV. Requires a docking station, $33 extra. 

Our price: $381*


Ingenico ICT250-CTLS – Dual Comm, SC, CTLS/NFC, EMV 

Our price: $218*

Ingenico IWL250-GPRS – Wireless GPRS, EMV, CTLS/NFC, EMV 

Our price: $435*

*The wholesale price is available with a new merchant with our company. Otherwise, add a $50 premium cost to the purchase price. Taxes, shipping and processing fees extra.


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