Are You Paying Property Tax On A Credit Card Machine?

Here’s a great business tip most credit card machine sales people don’t know about or won’t tell you. When you lease a credit card machine, the lease company will collect from you property tax on your equipment. 

That’s right. Don’t forget, leasing equipment for your business increases your business property tax values. Therefore, you’ll be paying more money just for accepting credit cards and choosing to lease the equipment instead of buying. Now granted, if the tax assessor decides to visit your business and take inventory, there’s not much you can do about it. However, why open yourself up for more taxes buy leasing a piece of equipment and paying on a terminal assessed at a $900 value, when in fact the terminal’s real taxable value is closer to $150 according to the county. 

Do yourself and your pocket book a favor and buy your credit card machine for the least amount, instead of leasing it for four years and paying more taxes on it than you need to. Take control of your expenses. 

So Where Can You Find Low Prices?

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