Credit Card Processing Fees & Rates

Low Credit Card Processing Fees

credit-card-processing-feesI’m not one to dance around the subject. So, I’m going to get straight to it and let you know, if you want the lowest credit card processing fees it’s important to run each sale in the proper manner. Credit card sales transactions come in two forms, face-to-face swiped or card present. The other is non-face-to-face key entered.

When a card is key entered or punched in it’s going to be more expensive to process. If you run sales over the internet it’s better to swipe cards with a magnetic card reader MCR, aka credit card reader. Another way to get low credit card processing fees is to ask for Interchange Plus, and see if your merchant services representative is willing to agree.

Some credit card processing reps won’t. At my company, we help you accept cards any way you want it. With over 10 years of experience it’s also important that your credit card processing terminal and the proper associated services have been registered with, when available. Even if your customers personally key in their credit card to make internet payments, it’s still possible to get low credit card processing rates, if a key feature is included.  Most reps don’t know the exact details or these secrets for getting a business set up for optimum discounts, unfortunately.

A Caution About Credit Card Processing Fees

By the way, I must warn you, since you are doing some internet research. Don’t get sucked into these ads like: “As Low As 0.25%” Those are desperate attempts to trick you into a trap. The wholesale bank rate for different Visa and Mastercard rates is much higher. Those low-ball rates are always tied into some bank card (which are not credit cards but debit rates). Saying that you’ll get 0.25% is like me telling you, “I’m going to award you 75%”.  

Well, the question that you should be asking is “75% of what?” Because, 75% of zero is still zero.   All of those cheap merchant rates that sound to good to be true are just that, bogus. In the small fine print you are going to find the other fees that jack up that 0.25%, usually end up much higher than most credit card service companies. Don’t get stuck in a bad marriage and deal with a nasty divorce. Get set up right the first time.

Be smart. Work with a company and representative that will tell you the truth, even if it’s counter to what those low-ball cheap offers are claiming. Because, once you sign on the dotted line, hand over your checking account information and run one-single card transaction, you are going to be married to that merchant company for a long time. No one wants to be stuck in a bad relationship with an ugly partner, especially when it’s sucking money out of your pocket every month too. 

Don’t Get Married To Bad Credit Card Processing Fees

If you will pick up the telephone and call me, I’ll explain to you the best options that will let you get low credit card processing fees. Plus, I will show you exactly what equipment you need to help insure each sale gets the lowest merchant fees. And, I’ll also share with you the lowest prices on equipment. So, you’ll spend less on a credit card machine, a pos system or accepting credit cards over the internet and through a website.  Contact me  Before you decide to sign on any credit card processing fees agreement, call me.