Cheap Credit Card Machines Under $200

Under $200 (Wholesale Prices)*

first data FD55
$171.00 FD55 by First Data – The FD55 is great because it is a dual comm. Meaning you can plug it into the internet with an ethernet cable and run transactions through the web. Your sales will be faster and you can also negotiate a lower authorization fee. (price with merchant account order)

dejavoo c5

$141  Dejavoo C5 – The C5 is an affordable terminal. However, it is strictly a dial-up credit card machine. Transactions are quick but you also have to pay higher transaction fees compared to a dual comm. The next higher quality terminal with dual comm (internet port) is the X8. (price with merchant account order)


$131 Equinox T4205-003R – It’s affordable, but it’s a dial up only. You will need a dedicated analog telephone line, which might be an added cost. This is why using a dual comm is ideal. Using an internet connection can save you money. Other Equinox dial up only terminals include the T4205-001R at $153 (accepts Smart Chips and EMV), and the T4210-306R at $169 accepts Smart Chips, (price with merchant account order).

Ingenico ICT220

$142 Ingenico ICT220 – This little credit card machine has it all, and it has a great price. It accepts smart cards, smart chips and is a dual comm.
Each of the terminals above lists the wholesale price and is only available with a new Merchant Account order with us. Add $50, per terminal, if you prefer to buy without a merchant account. Tax, shipping and processing fees are extra.


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